Press statement – Naming of those charged

Eric Wood, Warwickshire’s Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Warwickshire Police has a reputation for being an open and transparent organisation and I am extremely disappointed at what has transpired in the last 24 hours.

“I was very surprised to hear about this sudden change of policy yesterday evening, and immediately contacted Deputy Chief Constable Neil Brunton on behalf of the Commissioner to discuss our concerns. We have since had a number of robust conversations.

“Both the Commissioner and I firmly believe that it is in the public interest that this individual is named. He is charged with a serious offence.

“The Commissioner is demanding a full and frank report on all of the circumstances that led to this decision, and we will be seeking assurances that in future all national guidelines are adhered to.

“We are committed to ensuring that Warwickshire Police operate in an open and transparent manner, and that lessons have been learned from the mistakes of the last 24 hours.”

Please see the latest statement from Warwickshire Police:

As a result of concerns raised following the publication of a press release regarding a man charged with theft, we accept that our decision not to name him was wrong and inconsistent with the current national guidance.

We will now be adopting the national ACPO guidance in respect to naming individuals on charge.

We apologise that our previous approach has not been consistent with this.

Paul Andrew Greaves, a 54 year old retired police officer, has been charged with the theft of £113,000 from the former Warwickshire Police headquarters at Leek Wootton.

He will appear before magistrates in Leamington on May 22.


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  1. I am not sure that I agree about naming suspects or people charged with a crime, because they are evermore besmirched with the label of wrong doing even though they may be innocent. , I think names should only be given if and when they are convicted. So I am not going to criticise the police for not giving out the name, as it very much impacts on the family too and what happened to innocent until proven guilty. The fact that someone appears to have been apprehended is enough of a statement at that stage. There has only been this much fuss because the suspect is potentially from the force and that is inherently unfair, Nonetheless when someone has been cleared of wrongdoing, then I think if someone has spoken out of line, then they should have the good grace to apologise. I refer of course to the inappropriate statement made by Mr Lawrence of WPC following the firefighters being cleared at Staffordshire Crown Court last year. A reply would be nice as you acted so swiftly on this, maybe this could be revisited?

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