Stephen Lawrence statement

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball said:

“If the accusations about the behaviour of undercover officers levelled by Peter Francis are true they are truly shameful. If Met officers – including Mr Francis – indulged in trying to undermine the Lawrence family after their bereavement it would be an absolute disgrace. In my view we have reached a point where a police led enquiry would not be sufficient. Should the accusations (and at the moment they are only accusations) prove to be false or exaggerated, the public would have little or no confidence in such a finding if the enquiry were police led. From that point of view I don’t see it in the police’s interests to lead this enquiry.
“Having said that there seems to be a near universal acceptance of the truth of the allegations. I do not yet share that acceptance. Everyone is entitled to an open minded and fair appraisal of accusations levelled against them and an impartial assessment of their culpability. In this case being seen to be impartial is absolutely vital. I don’t believe a police led enquiry could achieve that.”
Ron Ball was commenting following a great deal of media interest this week, for more information see the BBC article below:


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