United response to Chancellor’s Spending Review announcement

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball, Warwickshire Police’s Deputy Chief Constable Neil Brunton and Chair of Warwickshire Police Federation Simon Payne have today issued a united statement on the Spending Review announcement made by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

It states:

The budget reductions faced by policing nationally are less than we feared but they are still significant.

In Warwickshire we are going to be faced with a real challenge to achieve further savings over and above those we have already made in recent years. Warwickshire Police has a strong track record in delivering cost reduction while improving performance and will maximise protection to the public with whatever resources and finance it has.

It is too early to say in detail what the impact will be but our Strategic Alliance with West Mercia will give us the best opportunity to minimise the impact on our services to the public. Since the Alliance is the best example in the country of eliminating costs through collaboration, we are hopeful that we will be eligible for a grant from the £50 millon collaboration fund, and will be seeking the support of our MPs for our applications.

The savings required to be made will be significant, It will require the respective Commissioners and Chief Constables to examine all options very carefully to continue to provide the best possible policing across our respective force areas. In due course the Commissioner will be asking the Police and Crime Panel for their advice.

This process cannot go on indefinitely. It isn’t possible to continually withdraw resources from any organisation and expect an ever-improving level of performance.

Warwickshire Police has responded superbly to previous challenges. We will continue to seek solutions to the financial challenges and continue to protect the public of Warwickshire to the best of our ability. We have an excellent, highly committed and skilled workforce supported by tremendous public and partnership support, all of whom will be fully engaged in helping us make the right decisions for the public of Warwickshire.

The public need to make sure that we don’t take the Police for granted.

As Commissioner, Deputy Chief Constable, Warwickshire and Chair of the Warwickshire Police Federation we will be seeking opportunities over the coming months to ensure that our MP’s and Ministers fully understand the implications of further reductions in spending.


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