Letter to the Chief Constable

Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball has written to the Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police calling on him for a full and detailed report into recent matters and for a public meeting to be held in the very near future to answer questions.

His letter states:

Investigation into the events surrounding the meeting between Officers of the Police Federation and the Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP

As you know the investigation into the conduct of these officers of the Police Federation including a Warwickshire Officer who met Mr Mitchell MP has raised a great deal of public interest and concern.

You will know that one of my principal responsibilities is to be answerable to the public for the operation of policing in Warwickshire and to hold the Chief Constable to account. In that context, I have been grateful for the regular updates you have given me but I am now repeating my request for a full and detailed report on the whole of this matter from the decision to undertake an investigation into the decision not to take disciplinary action against the officer and the subsequent hearing of the Home Affairs Select Committee. In particular the report should include a clarification of the concerns expressed by the Deputy Chair of the IPCC about the drafting of the final report and the alleged irregularities in the recommendations contained in the report.

This is a matter of much public interest and I intend to publish this report. I also intend to hold a public meeting to allow members of the public to ask questions of both you and me. I am putting in place arrangements for such a meeting and should be grateful if you could confirm your attendance at that meeting. I know you have expressed your wish to be as open with the people of Warwickshire as possible.

Given the public interest in this matter I have decided to publish this letter.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely

Ron Ball

Police and Crime Commissioner


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